Burma Bridge is a fun activity for those wanting to try something new. Once they can travel adventurously across the bridge while they are wearing safety harness. Iambark on this adrenaline promoting Burma Bridge adventure in Kerala. Feel your heart racing while balancing yourself on the rope. An ideal getaway destination with friends.

Hop along the rope tied from one rope to another as the bucket lifts you from one tree to another and increases your enthusiasm. A suspended walk where two ropes are attached between trees and a thick rope and two ropes for walking.

The Idges Burma Bridge ‘derives its name from the hanging bridges used extensively in Burma during World War II to cross several rivers. The Burma Bridge is usually constructed over a ditch, a pond or a ghat, well above the ground.

It has three ropes set in triangular fashion — one at the bottom of the foot rope (or cable) on which you walk and two ropes that serve as a ‘railing’ held by your hands. As you walk, the bridge tilts slightly.

As with any higher traversing element, an overhead belay cable equates the lower cables, and serves as a safety measure. This is an excellent choice for those challenging altitude. A confidence building exercise that calls for the body – mind balance and concentration.

Burma Bridge adventure activity in Kerala is an exciting fun activity for those who want to try something new. To walk across the Burma Bridge is a long thick rope suspended at a height, and holding two ropes to maintain balance.

The bridge is spread over a gorge. After crossing the bridge you can place it on the harness and attach yourself to the safety rope. You will really enjoy crossing the 40-meter suspended bridge. No training is required to try it out.

Crossing the Burma Bridge is a test of your power. As you walk, the bridge tilts slightly. Your focus should always be on keeping your foot on the rope with confidence. This activity challenges your confidence and balancing abilities. Therefore, be prepared for Burma Bridge activity in Kerala.

About the Activity:

Kerala is known for its grand atmosphere and panoramic views.

The Burma Bridge can appear tedious because you have to hold two ropes and walk on a thick rope, however, the only mantra to successfully complete this thrilling activity is to maintain a constant balance while moving slowly on the rope.


  • Jackets / sweaters are highly unpredictable by season
  • Sun cap
  • Sunscreen lotion / block / cream
  • Wear strong / comfortable shoes
  • Light snacks like a chocolate, fruit or energy bar during sightseeing
  • Water Bottles (1 liter)
  • Flashlight / flashlight with an extra pair of batteries
  • sunglasses
  • Consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants is completely prohibited during this trip.
  • Follow the instructions and directions given by the instructors
  • Help keep the environment clean
  • Do not litter – use dustbin / dumpster to get rid of your garbage
  • Participants have to take care of their personal belongings, the authority will not be responsible

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