Adventure Rocks Climbing Holds- Most Rated Climbing Holds Manufacturer in India

With quite 7.8 million participants In India, recreational climbing on artificial outdoor walls, in recent years, has surpassed outdoor climbing and has become a recognized sport with nationwide and international competitions, publications unique to wall climbing enthusiasts.

To support enthusiasts’ ever-growing demand for various climbing experiences, manufacturers are producing walls with larger and tougher surfaces, routes and holds. 

Adventure Rocks has emerged as a well-liked supplier of climbing holds that feature multiple textures, colors and a broad range of shapes and sizes that simulate real rocks and boulders.

The rigid resin holds are sold throughout everywhere India To commercial and university climbing gyms also as for residential wall installations. 

According to Adventure Rocks resins may be a solid or highly viscous substance of plant or synthetic origin that’s typically convertible into polymers.

Resins are usually mixtures of organic compounds and are easy to figure with even in producing holds with complex contours and complex details. The system we use also produces cured holds that combine toughness and rigidity to resist edge breakage and chipping.” 

Innovative also offers a singular color-matching service. This facilitates Adventure Rock’s ability to manufacture holds in highly popular colors like pink, blue and orange.

This capability may be a key to the company’s success because the coloured holds produce aesthetically pleasing walls and, more importantly, are often wont to identify climbing routes.

The solid-cast, pigmented resin holds maintain consistent, quality color even after supporting many climbers and being cleaned to get rid of chalk residue and other contaminants.

Casting Holds

Adventure Rocks’s sort of hand- and foot-hold designs is inspired by natural rock formations. Products home in size from small, one-inch bases to large holds measuring 28 in. x 18 in. x 6 in. 

Holdmakers begin each new hold design by carving shapes, textures and other details out of resin foam. The resulting patterns are wont to build single- or multi-cavity synthetic rubber molds. After the molds are fully cured, surfaces are coated with a release agent. 

Then, parts are poured and allowed to cure for about an hour at temperature, counting on mass size. The resin features a 7-to-9 minute gel time that’s long enough for casting holds of all sizes and thicknesses even when using multi-cavity holds. Once cured, the resin exhibits a flexural modulus of 200,000 psi and good lastingness.

About Adventure Rocks Holds:

Adventure Rocks Holds has been manufacturing top quality resin climbing holds for quite 13 years. The distinct line of holds available from the corporate is meant to feature a replacement and exciting element to climbing gyms.

Adventure Rocks works closely with route setters and climbing gym owners to work out which products will best meet the requirements of every facility.

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