Best quality multiple activity towers

Multi activity towers alter the rope course into a fully functional and entertaining facility with different activities such as Zip line, Free Fall and Climbing Wall on the tower. We can add activities upon your request and it can be incorporated with the rope course with the aid of platform which are created on certain heights. Our towers come with contemporary and amazing designs. They have the functionality which can make it a hub for a good rope course. Adventure Rocks Pvt. Ltd is a leading Multi activity towers manufacturer in Delhi.

Why us?

We are a brilliant multi activity tower wholesale supplier in the entire industry and we offer our clients an outstanding quality range of products at the economical price range. The product range we present is manufactured from the high-quality material & most recent technical machines. This makes us offer our products in conformity with the industry standards. In addition, the offered range of climbing holds is accurately checked by the quality experts & dispatched by them only after all the checks are done.


  • Highly functional and fun
  • Scientifically manufactured
  • Vibrant colours

We are your one stop shop if you are looking for multi activity tower exporter in Delhi, India.

Expert solution for multi activity tower setup in India

Multi activity towers are the perfect way to make resorts, malls and other space conscious areas more attractive and purposeful. A specially designed modular structure to suit your needs and budget, it offers a chance to rig adventure activities that would otherwise be impossible to conduct on location. It offers artificial surfaces, walls and conditions for activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, zip. The line, parallel ropes, giant swing sets, prioritize player safety.

The tower has been designed and built to ensure maximum stability, modularity and ease of maintenance. This structure provides a vast, never-ending visual space that is bound to arouse people’s curiosity and can be used profitably for branding purposes.

A specially constructed modular multi activity / multi capacity structure provides a chance to rig adventure activities that would otherwise be impossible to conduct on location.

Multi-activity tower design and construction: Adventure Suit can design and implement a structurally sound, securely engineered (MAT), fully adapted to client budgets and requirements.

External Certification: Where necessary, inspection and certification can be obtained from external, international associations.

Multi-activity tower components that can fulfill all your adventure cravings: –

Rock climbing wall

Rock climbing wall is an artificially constructed climbing structure that holds arms and legs. The climbing wall can be a permanent setup or can be erected for short or long periods within a multi activity setup.

Rappelling wall

Rappling in Multi Activity Tower is also an adventure game that can clearly challenge your limits. This is a special technique used to descend mountains and rocks by making a controlled slide on a fixed rope.

Zip line

We will design and incorporate the zip-line within the multi-activity tower, with a multi-activity center to ensure a custom made line according to your base, budget and specific requirements that fully complies with all safety standards .

Giant swing

This component of the Mulit Activity Tower is also known as the Breithacker, Screamer, or Pendulum Swing.

Para jump

Catering for para jumping also allows you to replicate the feeling of free falling. This lively experience becomes possible with custom made safety wires and harnesses to slow you down during the terminal part of your descent.


The multi-activity tower can be used as a sleuthing base, which crawls like a deadly snake, the way commandos do.

Rope course

Believe it or not but a multi-activity tower can carry out all the above activities. You can amaze yourself as you challenge each with rapid zips, midair jumps, suspended gravity that defy climbing walls, and more.

AdventureStop can create a multi-activity tower to suit your needs, allowing you to add it to your park, school or corporate house or even to your home.

Challenges or Challenges Elements’ can be strategically placed at 3 levels from the ground up, divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Commando Bridge Challenges in all 24 exciting variations, rope courses to challenge participants of all ages. Has been placed all over the place.

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