Best Top Rock Climbing Travel Destination in India 

Miyar valley near Himachal Pradesh

Rock Climbing Is amazing, Full of excitement, and Interesting Sport which spreadly famous among the Indian climbers. To participate In this sport you need awareness, strength, and guts to death. This sport is hugely famous in India, the county has spots where Rock climbing is a good opportunity to do so. Let’s have a view of the places.

We listed here some Spots in India which are best for experience Rock climbing.

Miyar Valley – Himachal Pradesh.

Miyar valley is located in north-east India, Himachal Pradesh, spread between Udaipur and The Kang La Pass.  Recently this valley is especially Becoming more Popular for rock climbing or mountaineering. 

Valley is surrounded by the beautiful grassy mountains and its natural beauty. A large number of tourists travel through to take a scenery of its nature that’s also popular as the Valley Of Flowers

Sar pass – Himachal Pradesh.


Sar Pass is spotted in the Parvati valley of Kullu district In Himachal Pradesh. There is a legend that While Trekking across Tila Lotni to Biskeri Ridge, Trakkers has to pass through a small frozen lake known as Sar, Hence it’s known as Sar Pass. 

This Destination is mainly focused for Trekking and climbing, surrounded by the Mountain ridge, North- East. Sar the Frozen Lake makes this place more famous for mountaineering Or Climbing

Shey Rock – Jammu and Kashmir.


Shey is a village located in the upper Indus Valley of Leh-Ladakh a district of Queen of hills Jammu & Kashmir. This place is surrounded by rock Mountains, making it the best spot for Rock climbing.  The Palace is also located on the top of the Rock Mountains known as Shey Palace

You can reach by air, it’s the nearest airport at Leh, to visit Shey Monastery special permission is needed. The opposite side of Shey Palace There is a hotel for the visitors, which is surrounded by Flowered gardens

Madhugiri – Karnataka.


Madhugiri is a town located in the Tumkur district of the Indian state of Karnataka. This spot is especially famous for Forest, Temples, and fort, which was built by the Vijayanagar Dynasty. It’s nested by a single hill with 1300m height

A Large Number of  Travellers visit here to see its architecture structure and natural beauty. It’s also famous as the best destination for Climbing in India.

Savandurga – Karnataka


Savanaduga is a hill in Karnataka, the state of India off the Magadi Road. This  Hill is considered as a monolith Hills In Asia rises above 1226 m above. Many rock Climbers, Cave explorers and adventurers Frequently visit the hills. 

It is formed by hills known as Karigudda(Black Hill) and Biligudda(white Hill), provides mountain ridge for rock Climbers and adventure explorers.

Ramanagara – Karnataka.


Ramanagara is a town of Karnataka, the state of India,  Surrounded by Ramagiri Hills also known as Sholay hills because an Indian film named Sholay was shot here in 1975.  Ramagiri hills are a good opportunity for Rock Climbers and adventurers. 

This city is known as the silk city of India because of its huge amount of silk production. You can reach here by air, road. It’s only 50 km far from Bangalore.

Tips for a safe and secure Rock Climbing Trip:

  • If a beginner in rock Climbing you Should be Trained with equipment use and communication code- language. 
  • You can use An artificial Climbing wall for climbing practice before having a real rock climbing experience. Artificial walls hold works as rock should be made of rough material like Resin.
  • Choose right gear like Harness, ropes, quick draw, Helmets, Shoes or other gears. Gears Should be made of good quality material if any doubts then choose another one from a trusted company like adventure rocks Pvt ltd.
  • We should have proper knowledge of the Belay system technique and make sure you are comfortable with Belay devices.
  • Choose The correct rope length.
  • Always double check your knots should be tied properly; it doesn’t matter how experienced you are.
  • Double Check you’re all gear, should not be broken or old

I hope these tips might help you in a safe and secure climbing trip. 

If You need any climbing safety gear or adventure sports activity setups like artificial Rock Climbing wall, Burma Bridge, Zipline, Multi-activity Tower or A Full Adventure Park set up all over India.

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